July 2015

Sipping Tips to Keep You Cool (and Slim) This Summer
As summer heats up, you’re probably paying more attention to your fluid intake (or at least you should be). When it’s hot outside and you’re keeping active, dehydration can leave you feeling light-headed and disoriented. Cooling off with refreshing beverages can keep your body hydrated and your waistline intact — if you know which ones to drink.

While a Caribbean cocktail may be what you have in mind, remember that alcoholic beverages can dehydrate you and awaken your appetite.

Did you know that a cocktail such as a piña colada can have as much as 300 calories! While you may start with good intentions to stick to a couple drinks, four drinks, a few appetizers and some dessert later and you’ll be full of regrets!

Central City Expansion

Our Trevor Linden Surrey Central City club location has finished expansion construction and is opening its new area to members! We took the most important features and amenities of our club and simply added more to it. Check out everything we’ve upgraded to better suit your needs!

5 Fitness Gadgets That Will Help Boost Your Fitness

It’s time to amp up your fitness game! Fitness gadgets are a great way to take your workout to the next level by enhancing your overall workout experience. Whether you work out in a gym or prefer to train on your own, our list below features useful fitness gadgets for every type of athlete. 1. For […]

Lynn Valley Days!

Community Volunteers in Service to make a difference in Lynn Valley!

The inaugural Lynn Valley Day festival in 1912 dovetailed with the grand opening of the Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge, and festivities continued at the new Institute Hall on Mountain Highway after the ribbon cutting.

We had a blast being a part of this great event! See you all next year!

Lynn Valley Days is the last weekend in May starting Friday night see www.lynnvalleyday.ca for information on Gala, Parade and Exhibitions.

June Newsletter

6 Tips to Avoid Summer Workout Mistakes

1. Coffee before a workout

There are people who do and they have found out the hard way that water is a much better option for hydration before a workout. Coffee or any high-caffeine can drink act as a diuretic to your body, causing more fluid loss than normal when you consume it before a workout.

Avoiding this mistake is easy; simply drink water before your run or workout. Be aware that cooling your body before a workout is a good idea. The cooler the water, the more your body can get out of your workout.

2. Getting a late start

If you’re one of those rare breeds who loves to work out in the morning, then this tip is for you. Putting your workout off by even an hour in the morning is not the best idea. Why? In the summer, temperatures go up much earlier in the day. So, doing your workout later puts you at risk to overheat and cause damage to your body.

Counteract this mistake my getting plenty of rest at night and continuing your morning workouts (yes, even on the weekends) as scheduled. If you must work out later, try working out in the late evening when the sun is on its way down and temperatures are cooling off.

May 2015 Newsletter

This is how to burn tons more calories at the gym

During a busy day, carving out an hour to head to the gym can be tough, so the question is this:

Are you making the most of those 60 minutes?

With a few simple tweaks, you can increase your calorie burn instantly. Try these tips the next time you’re at the gym to maximize your sweat session!