Fitness Center Equipment

Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness along with She’s FIT! (included in all of our clubs) is dedicated to bringing to our members the very best commercial equipment that we feel is available, this also includes many entertainment options on the cardio while you are using this state of the art equipment.

Here are some of the equipment options available at Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness (some equipment may vary from club to club)

Downtown Vancouver Club16

Life Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulley Console

From Life Fitness Signature Series,this machine combines different strength training options in one efficient unit. Pull up bars, two sets of plates and interchangeable handles create a complete strength training set.


Life Fitness Elevation Cardio Equipment

User experience comes first with the Elevation cardio equipment series from Life Fitness. Treadmills, elliptical and stair machines combine aesthetic and functionality for the best Club 16 cardio experience possible.


Life Fitness Signature Series Strength Equipment

The Life Fitness Signature Series Strength Equipment has some of the most efficient and user-friendly machines. Every Club16 location has chest press, pectoral fly/rear deltoid and shoulder press machines for upper body. Lower body machines include leg press, leg curl machines and leg extension.  We also have back extension and abdominal press machines.


Hoist ROC-IT Circuit

The Hoist ROC-IT Circuit is an excellent training companion for a full bodied and timely workout routine. Arms, back, chest, lower body, core and shoulder are all targeted on a full fledged Hoist ROC-IT Circuit session. Most Club16 Gyms come with equipped with a circuit section.

Hoist tocit

In Club Personal Entertainment System

Most Club16 cardio machines come with monitors for viewing basic channels while doing cardio. Life Fitness cardio machines have a headphone jack built in so you can get informed while feeling the calories burn away.


Precor Experience Series Cardio Equipment

Precor cardio equipment is some of the most versatile on the market. Their adaptive motion trainers allow for users to adjust stride height or inclines to a varying degree to suit the user. Precor Cardio Equipment has touch screen consoles for integrated fitness and media experience.


Matrix MyRide V3 Personalized Spinning Program

The Matrix MyRide V3 spin system is set to revolutionize the world of spin exercise. Indoor cycling classes now have a new benchmark to live up to, and you’ll see this in action at the Club16 locations sporting the Matrix MyRide machines. The machines come with thousands of preset challenges for riders to take, to varying levels of degree, and it’s easy to customize your spin workout also! The V3 boasts high definition display, an iPod dock and headphone port.


TRX Suspension Frame Trainer

Developed by former Navy SEALS commando Randy Hetrick, the TRX Suspension Trainer was originally designed to keep team members mission ready while deployed. Suspended cables make the user engage their muscles with their own body weight in positions that are key to engaging muscles in real life situations, especially for long periods. Club16 staff and trainers all use the TRX training systems and swear by it.


Life Fitness Signature Series Strength Equipment

Versatile training options along with a consistent aesthetic summarize the benches, racks and plate-loaded equipment in the Life Fitness arsenal. Club16 has everything you need for strength and endurance training – Life Fitness has some of the most reliable strength training machines on the market and we have them at our locations!


GX WaterRower

Fluid Resistance technology delivers a smooth and natural feel, and it allows for easy resistance adjustments to accommodate a wide range of users. Easy mobility means that the Row GX Trainer can easily be moved in and out of group training areas or stored upright when not in use.


6 Tecnnogym Kinesis Stations

Kenisis is leading one of the biggest new trends in work out technology. Kenisis classes are taking North America by storm, and if you take one at Club16, you will understand why. Using a cable system for multi angle resistance training provides incredible results when it comes to endurance training.


LifeFitness Circuit in She’s FIT!

Our LifeFitness Circuit has the ideal environment for multiple users to train in an endurance circuit simultaneously. Come to our Club16 locations to experience the LifeFitness Circuit in action!