Fitness Center Member Assistance Program

At Club16, we care that you succeed in reaching your health and fitness goals.

Measurements Include

At Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness it is extremely important to us that you succeed with your health and fitness goals.

Did you know that studies have shown that in North America 61% of health club members drop out within four to six weeks of joining? 21% of those drop out before their second or third visit.

The main reason for this is no support or lack of support provided to the new member. At Club 16 the above statistics do not apply, as we start all new members on our Member Assistance Program (MAP).

The Advantages

This provides equal accuracy for all and is also comfortable to use. With various points of contact, the InBody allows the strategically placed electrodes to accurately measure impedance in the body.

Provides valuable wellness information in the same time that it takes to measure blood pressure.

MAP Details

MAP is a series of appointments that will be scheduled by your representative fitness assistant when you join.

Your first appointment will be a fitness assessment which will define your starting point and provide you with a benchmark to measure your success. It will be conducted with our health & wellness system that provides details on your body composition, blood pressure and heart rate measurement.

The other three appointments are group training sessions that are designed to educate you on the programs offered by Club16.

After you have completed your session, should you not be comfortable in any area, we will gladly reschedule and review any questions you may have.

Several other options are available to support and challenge you so you are never bored with your routine. Our fitness assistants will be glad to help you take on new challenges!