Why She’s FIT!

Our Women’s Only clubs promise privacy & results

Here are just a few reasons that women like their own fitness space:

  • Women’s gyms are the most likely to offer the equipment, classes, and training you’re craving.
  • Women like to network and socialize with each other.
  • Women often feel more comfortable and less intimidated in a gym just for them.

She’s FIT! is an entire “club within a club.” You get the best of both worlds right here!

Check out some of the benefits of working out at our club:


There are 13 She’s FIT! locations throughout the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley.


Even though a few She’s FIT! locations are situated inside the coed Club 16, women still have all the privacy and comfort that they enjoy at other She’s Fit! Locations.


Our memberships are priced right, and include everything you need to make your fitness, health, and weight loss goals a reality.


She’s FIT! clubs have a great selection of Lifefitness and Precor Cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, AMTs, upright cycles, recumbent cycles and Stairmaster Step Mills. All of them have personal flat screen TVs for your enjoyment.

Skill and Experience

Whether you’re interested in the She’s FIT! 30 Minute Speed Zone Circuit Training program, the designated core and stretching area, the selectorized weight machine and free weight areas, or coaching for weight loss, we’ve got you covered.


Our private entrances lead you straight into our ladies locker rooms, bypassing coed areas. From there, hit the workout area or the tanning studios directly. Our locker rooms offer individual lockers, private showers, and private changing booths.