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Receive personalized training — designed just for you


She’s FIT! fitness centers across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland offer affordable fitness programs called HERS. In these programs, not only will you be improving your overall health and fitness, but you will also be working in a motivating environment surrounded by other like-minded and motivated women with similar goals.

Benefits of Joining HERS:

Designed for women of all ages and fitness levels
Perfect for spicing up your current fitness routine
See results in a shorter period of time
Focuses on your midsection, increasing energy, and improving strength
Taught by knowledgeable trainers right at our fitness centers

Personalized training — designed just for you

Throughout the year, She’s FIT! offers a variety of specialized, affordable fitness programs at our fitness centers that are designed to compliment and spice up your daily fitness routine. The classes are taught by certified personal trainers who are there to motivate and help you work towards your fitness goals. Each program is designed to improve your overall health and fitness, with a primary focus on:

  • Midsection toning
  • Increasing energy
  • Improving strength, cardio and overall conditioning training levels

In our HERS fitness training programs, you will be working in a motivating small group environment with like-minded women equally passionate about improving their overall health and fitness levels. By being trained by an experienced personal trainer in a group environment, you will get a personal workout experience at a fraction of the price of a regular one-on-one training session. You will also achieve maximum results in a shorter period of time than you would on your own.

Get in touch with your local She’s FIT! fitness center to discover the latest training programs available for you today!

Interested in Working with a Personal Trainer?

If you prefer to receive one-on-one training with a personal trainer, we have an experienced team available at our She’s FIT! fitness centers to help you with all of your health and fitness goals. 


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