Healthy Transformations Meal Plan

Healthy Transformations is a comprehensive “Personalized and Customized” meal program. It is designed to teach you exactly what, when, why and how to eat and exercise in order to lose body fat while increasing lean muscle tone in absolutely the fastest and safest way possible.

Here is how Healthy Transformations works: once your certified Healthy Transformations coach evaluates your current eating and exercise habits, and identifies all deficiencies that may be preventing you from achieving your desired health and fitness goals, they will acquire information needed to custom-design your personalized nutrition plan and exercise program, thus allowing you to immediately begin reprogramming your body to be fit and lean for the rest of your life. Begin achieving  your health & weight loss goals today by signing up for our Healthy Transformations Meal Plan.

Healthy Transformations Plan Includes:

  • One Year Meal Plan – customized specifically for you, based on your goals, age, weight, body fat percentage, gender and food preferences.
  • Recipes – easy to prepare meals based on your food choices, with fast food and dessert options.
  • Shopping List – to make shopping easy.  It includes a list of all your ingredients daily/ weekly/ biweekly/ etc.
  • Starter booklet – information to help you understand what you will need to do in order to realize your goals.
  • Journal – to track your daily exercise and nutrition.
  • In-Club and Online Coaching – guidance, motivation and encouragement provided throughout the program for both your eating plan and exercise routine.
  • Online Access – to all of the above info plus much more!

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If you’ve ever been on a weight loss diet  with reduced calories, carbohydrates, dietary fat and/or the number of meals you’ve become accustomed to eating throughout the day in an effort to achieve your weight loss goals, you were likely successful . . . at least in the beginning!

Unfortunately, this quick-fix approach to weight loss is short term. It’s results are temporary, and eventually you will gain it all back again and then some; welcome to “YO-YO Dieting”! A 60-billion-dollar-a-year industry fueled by false concepts, quick-fix mind-sets and misleading testimonials! Think about it; if it were as easy as just reducing calories, we would all look the way we want to.

This meal plan will work for anyone depending on that persons individual goals, to think and want to gain weight by adding muscle it will do that for you also, it all depends on the information that you give your coach.

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