The Club16 Concept

In what we feel is the biggest shake up of the fitness industry in B.C. in the last 20 years, our value priced health club chain, Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness & our sister health club, She's FIT! , has started a revolution to make fitness more accessible to everyone. Our survey results of years past revealed the biggest barrier to joining a health club were high membership fees, fixed contracts and the perception that you must be fit to go to a health club.

Removing these barriers with "no contract" and "low monthly fees" as well as monitoring our health clubs for the things that make the average person uncomfortable  in the fitness/health club environment, allows our health clubs to be more accessible to everyone. By doing this we feel that we can be a large part in helping more people lessen the very discouraging statistics that are now out there, for example...

The economic cost to the government of Canada is estimated at $7.1 billion when based on 18 chronic diseases linked to obesity. Current statistics in Canada from the public health agency of Canada is that one in four Canadians are considered obese. The two largest factors being lack of exercise and unhealthy diet.

Canadian statistics have revealed that over 1/3 of our population managed less than 3 – 20 minute workouts or 60 minutes of exercise a week thus leading to Coronary Heart Disease. Approximately 37% of coronary heart disease deaths were attributed to lack of physical exercise (compared with 19% tobacco & 13% high blood pressure). Statistics like these can only support the need for an affordable and non-intimidating atmosphere, encouraging those who want to or need to exercise.

Our own surveys revealed that 58% of people said protecting their long term health and preventing diseases in later life would motivate them to do more exercise, so we know the desire is there. By breaking down hurdles to fitness, we aim to encourage those who have never exercised before, as well as those of you who have, by providing an affordable and flexible health club option.

The Trevor Linden Foundation

The foundation was established in 1997, encourages young people to discover their strengths and realize their potential.

Recent Community Partners of The Trevor Linden Foundation:


YMCA-YWCA of the Central Okanagan ‘Strong Kids Campaign’


The Vancouver Sun’s Adopt-a-School Program


The Boys Club Network


Vancouver Canucks ‘Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship’

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Trevor Linden Foundation Charitable Registration Number - 871967188RR0001





The Trevor Linden Foundation

The goal of the Trevor Linden Foundation is to encourage young people to discover their strengths and realize their potential. We partner with organizations and individuals who are engaged in youth development programs that support our values of integrity, hard work, responsibility and leadership.

The Trevor Linden Foundation, a registered charity, was established in 1997 to support the communities in which Trevor played during his 20-year NHL career. Trevor Linden is one of Canada's most respected athletes, both on and off the ice. Known for his character, leadership and professionalism, he was recognized by his peers with the NHL's King Clancy Memorial Award for Leadership (1997) and the NHL Foundation Player of the year (2008). Both awards recognize NHL players for leadership and significant contributions within their communities and it is these qualities that sum up Trevor Linden's career best. In addition to the honors from the NHL, Trevor has been awarded the Order of British Columbia (2003) and the country's highest honor, member of the Order of Canada (2010).

Over the past 15 years the Trevor Linden Foundation has partnered with charities in British Columbia, Montreal and New York to raise funds and awareness for programs that support the objectives of the foundation. In recent years, the Foundation has grown to focus on programs in undeserved areas in the communities that have supported Trevor throughout his career as a Vancouver Canuck. Local projects include the YMCA-YWCA of the Central Okanagan 'Strong Kids Campaign', the Vancouver Sun's Adopt-a-School Program, The boys Club Network, and, in partnership with the Vancouver Canucks, 'The Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship'.


The Trevor Linden Foundation Frequently Asked Questions

The Trevor Linden Foundation was established in 1997. It is a registered Canadian Public Foundation. Charitable Registration Number - 87196 7188 RR0001

The foundation was established as a way for Trevor to manage the charitable work he does in the communities in which he has lived and played hockey. By lending his name and reputation to various projects, he has helped many charities raise both funds and awareness for causes that represent his interests.

The goal of the Trevor Linden Foundation is to encourage young people to discover their strengths and realize their potential. We partner with organizations and individuals who are engaged in youth development programs that support our values of integrity, hard work, responsibility and leadership. We prefer local grass roots initiatives where we can see the impact of our money and time.

We receive many proposals throughout the year. If a submission is in line with our objectives, we will consider supporting it either with direct funding or by donating Trevor's influence. In addition, we actively seek out groups that are doing good work in the areas we support, and look for opportunities to partner with them in their communities.

The administration of the foundation is completely voluntary, and all expenses are covered by Trevor, for which he receives no taxable benefit. That way, every dollar donated goes directly to the charities we partner with.

Tax Receipts will be provided for any donations $10 and above. If the donation is below a $10 a general receipt will be provided for the donated funds.

Ask a Representative today to see how you can make a donation.

Trevor Linden Foundation Charitable Registration Number – 87196 7188 RR0001

To make a donation:

Trevor Linden Foundation

Box 62 – 1500 West Georgia Street

Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z6

Philosophy & Values

Our Philosophy & Values define our goals and act as a guide for where we are going and who we are. At Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness, we provide exceptional member experiences along with making fitness fun! We offer a non-intimidating atmosphere where anyone and everyone can feel comfortable and make the desired lifestyle changes inside and out. The strength of our staff is to be inspiring, motivating and provide a clean environment that enables our members to succeed and feel like they belong!

Our core Philosophy and Values: T.E.A.M at Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness are...



Transparent - The value of being Transparent means being honest and sincere in all our dealings. By always treating others with the same respect and honesty that we like to be treated with, we show our Transparency. We offer our members superior clubs for value priced cost and when we pair that with employees who always show Transparency, we’re guaranteed to be the leading health and fitness company.

Energetic - The value of being energetic provides us an opportunity to conduct a self-evaluation of the energy we want to display. Each day when we come to work we have a choice – The choice of what energy do I want to exude. We have a choice of how to accomplish our daily tasks. We each have the ability to choose a positive energetic attitude every day. It is our actions in every situation that defines us at Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness. What’s your energy choice today?

Accountable - The value of being accountable holds us to high ethics and morals as individuals and in our roles. We will create an exceptional experience for our guests, members and ourselves when we are accountable for our actions and responsibilities.

It doesn’t matter what our roles, departments or regions are - taking personal ownership and adhering to high ethics applies to everyone.

Member Focused - The value of being member focused is to be truly present for our members. This applies in all interactions with our members. As our members enter and exit our clubs, the value of Member Focus should be apparent to our members through our warm caring and genuine greeting on the way into the club and when leaving the club. Being member focused means to be truly present for our members at all times.