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Before you join

Thinking of joining Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness and She’s FIT? Great! We welcome everyone, regardless of fitness level or previous gym experience.

With our Regular, Elite Plus and VIP Memberships you can select a no term commitment or 12-month commitment. It’s entirely up to you! If you are in a no term commitment and need to cancel, just provide a full calendar month’s notice. If you are in a 12 month commitment, provide one full calendar month’s notice and pay the buy out fee. We strive to make our memberships flexible and affordable!

It’s really quick and easy to join Club16! Join now and find a convenient Club near you, or head in person and join through one of our representatives who can answer any of your questions and show you around the facility (we recommend an appointment).

There isn’t one! At Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness, we are committed to providing affordable fitness. This means that we keep our costs lower by getting rid of expensive, unnecessary extras like saunas and towel service. Instead, you’ll find the amenities that really support fitness from the best cardio, selectorized, and free weight equipment to top-of-the-line massage and tanning lounges.

Enrolling members must be at least 13 years of age.  Members who are 18 years old or younger must enroll with a cosigner.  Members who are 15 years old or younger must be accompanied by a parent/guardian throughout their workout.

Absolutely. We welcome you to do a drop-in session at whichever location is convenient for only $20.00 including tax. We’ll apply that single $20.00 to your membership fees if you join the club within seven days after you drop-in. This is an in-person credit that can only be applied to club memberships, not to online memberships.

Club16 also offers limited time trial campaigns periodically via social media, so follow us today!

All About Our Clubs

Everything you need to know about our Clubs

Yes you can train with another person, please ensure you are following our hygiene guidelines including wiping equipment before and after use and sanitizing your hands. 

Yes, all of our Clubs offer free wi-fi.

Yes, Personal Training is available in all 17 of our Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness and She’s FIT locations! Our Certified and Licensed Trainers provide personalized exercise and instruction plans no matter your fitness level. We offer a variety of different plans so it can work with everyone’s budget.

Sign up for a free consultation here, or in Club,

Yes all of our Clubs have a private She’s FIT area within the facility!

Yes there is free parking at our Club16 locations.

Please note some locations have restricted parking, and our Downtown location* offers a discounted parking rate which you can purchase from the parking meter in the club lobby only.

* Parking meter only accepts credit cards 

Membership Information

Learn more about our membership options

All members must wear clothing and footwear that is appropriate for working out. This means that you cannot wear sandals, other casual shoes, or work shoes. Dress in clothing that keeps you comfortable and cool and allows you to move. We recommend appropriate athletic cross- training shoes so members can access all areas of the club. We also recommend t-shirts, shorts, workout tights, and sweatpants. Check out the awesome brand name fitness apparel at each Club16 Trevor Linden location.

Our VIP Membership can be on a no term commitment or 12 month commitment including all the Elite Plus Privileges as well as:

  • Red light therapy
  • Infrared Sauna

Feel free to speak to our Team to learn more, you can upgrade your membership anytime!

Yes! Your safety is a top priority for us. We look for proper lighting and easily accessible parking for members, and we also provide video monitoring in the facility. Each location is staffed by well-trained, highly skilled professionals who have club safety within their mandate.

The Club16 Elite Plus and VIP Membership allows members to use all Club16 and She’s FIT! (female only) locations. Otherwise if you purchase the regular membership this would be valid for 1 location.

Yes, you will be issued an individualized membership card. Showing your card to the front desk each time you visit allows us to offer our members the best security and services possible. If you lose your card, you must purchase a replacement for $20.00 to visit any facility.

Unfortunately, once your agreement is signed and the date has been selected it cannot be changed.

No. Our direct debit bi-weekly dues system is what ensures accuracy, efficiency and security for our members.

We have confidence in the quality of our services, but we understand that circumstances may change. Cancelling is a breeze—simply submit your written 30-day notice by visiting the Club and signing a cancellation notice, sending an email to or calling our partners at ABC Fitness ([email protected], 1-888-827-9262). You can also opt for the traditional route and mail your cancellation notice via registered mail to your home Club. If you are currently on a term membership, please drop by your home club to review your account details.

Yes, you can pay a minimum of 12 months of bi-weekly payments dues paid in full. If you do this, after you complete the term you paid for you will be month to month member paying biweekly unless you follow the cancellation policy before your upfront paid term has ended.

As a member, you are given the freedom to choose which day of the week your bi-weekly dues are billed on. It must be a minimum of 3 days from the start of your membership.

Our Elite Plus Membership can be on a no term commitment or 12 month commitment including:

  • Access all Club16 & She’s FIT! (ladies only) locations
  • Bring a guest from out-of-town to workout with you up to 7 times a month (*guest must bring proof residence is 30km from Club)
  • Unlimited Massage Lounge
  • Unlimited Tanning
  • Group Fitness (Studio) Classes (Metrotown & Coquitlam only)
  • Access to IHRSA Passport Program

Feel free to speak to our Team to learn more, you can upgrade your membership anytime!


  • All members must wear proper athletic footwear and sportswear at all times on the exercise floor
  • No chewing gum in the club
  • All members must bring and use their own workout towel
  • Return and wipe down equipment after each use
  • No dropping weights on the floor
  • Do not store gym bags, purses, jackets and any other clothing on the exercise floor
  • No photography is allowed in the club without written consent from corporate office of Club16

During peak times, keep to the 20 minute time limit on the cardio equipment

Please let our Team know as soon as possible, we will hang on to missing items for up to 2 weeks.

We do our best to return lost items, but we can’t be held responsible for your personal property while at the Club.

We understand that this can happen now and then, simply log into our app and you can make the payment on the app the day it is due.

By purchasing Price For Life at the time of joining you can guarantee to keep your bi-weekly dues at the same rate.

Your first payment will be taken by debit or credit card when you join according to your membership agreement and following payments will be taken by Direct Debit bi-weekly every 14 days after.

Absolutely. With Club16, you’re free to pick and choose according to what location is most convenient to you.

Definitely, and sometimes you’ll have the chance to win some great prizes so keep an eye out for refer a friend contests!

Yes, we offer upgrades on all memberships except fixed term ones, please speak to our Team to learn more about upgrades.

Facilities and Equipment

What we offer in our facilities

We have a large free weight and selectorized machine area in our Clubs- dumbbells go up to 90 pounds and weight plates up to 45 pounds.

We offer Certainty Wipes, alcohol free pre-moistened wipes designed to wipe away other germs from the equipment you are working out on daily. The wipes are thick, strong and able to stand up to vigorous use, eliminating odors, germs and airborne chemicals.

We also ask all members must carry their own individual towel with them at all times, you may purchase one at reception if needed.

Yes, our locker rooms have private showers within the changing area.

No- this is part of our unique approach to fitness: we offer you the best of what really gets used and charge you a lower price by eliminating the extras that don’t get used.

Yes. You bring the lock (or buy one at the front desk), and we provide full locker room facilities, private changing booths, and private showers.