Fitness Center FAQ

The Concept

Yes, there really is no contract.

Our Regular Membership Plan only makes you pay for a bi-weekly membership cost using direct debit. From that point on, you can cancel at any point with 30 days’ notice. Simply hand in your notice at our club’s front desk or if you prefer, e-mail it to your registered club location. But we’re confident you won’t want to!

Our Elite Plus Membership Plan offers more benefits, and that’s why the Elite members who use them do make a minimum 12 month commitment. That’s how we’re able to offer all of the amazing Elite privileges at such an affordable rate (see details of the Elite and Elite Plus Plans in the membership section).

There isn’t one. We keep Club16 TLF accessible and attractive to clients by focusing on fitness. This means that we keep our costs lower by getting rid of expensive, unnecessary extras like saunas and towel service. Instead, you’ll find the amenities that really support fitness, from the best cardio, selectorized, free weight equipment as well as functional training equipment to the top of the line massage lounges and tanning equipment.

Facilities & Equipment

We have dumbbells up to 90 pounds and weight plates up to 45 pounds.

Our club rules state that all members must carry their own sweat towel with them at all times.

High traffic areas are cleaned with increased frequency using hospital grade disinfectant proven to kill viruses like COVID-19.

Use of organic fogging agents reduce the number of airborne micro-organisms and capture difficult to reach surfaces.

Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the Club so it’s easy to sanitize during your workout.

Yes, our locker rooms have private showers each with a private changing area in front of the shower.

Absolutely! Personal training is available at an additional cost depending on the package size you would like. This also depends on the trainer you choose to train you. Contact the club for more information or approach one of our friendly trainers on the floor at your Club. Personal training is currently offered at all of our Club16 locations. 

No. This is part of our unique approach to fitness: we offer you the best of what really gets used and charge you a lower price by eliminating the extras that don’t get used.

Our special pre-opening offers are limited, so by purchasing even before your particular facility is up and running, you guarantee your promotional rate. You won’t pay again until your club opens. The fee you pay upfront covers your first month’s dues, membership card, and enrollment fee.

Your one-on-one complete fitness assessment will allow you to learn the ropes, including how the equipment works. You can also take advantage of the expertise of our teachers in our group instructional classes, getting your best possible workout in. Just sign up for your one-on-one when you join and take group instructions classes as you see fit.

Yes. You bring the lock (or buy one at the front desk), and we provide full locker room facilities, private changing booths, and private showers.

Yes, lots! Enjoy more than 20 complimentary classes each week at Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness. Choose from interval training, Hoist Roc It, Stretch and Core, Speed Zone Circuit, and many more. We also offer you specialty programming, from boot camp and burlesque to yoga and Zumba. Every class is offered at different times during the year, and each is taught by skilled professionals. We’ll let you know when we are running specialty programs at your club and other local facilities. Some of the specialty programming classes might be free of charge on a trial basis, while others may carry additional charges depending on what they are.

It’s easy. Just call or visit your local club to reserve your spot in any class or classes.



  • All members must wear proper athletic footwear and sportswear at all times on the exercise floor
  • No chewing gum in the club
  • All members must bring and use their own workout towel
  • Return and wipe down equipment after each use
  • No dropping weights on the floor
  • Do not store gym bags, purses, jackets and any other clothing on the exercise floor
  • No photography is allowed in the club without written consent from corporate office of Club16
  • During peak times, keep to the 20 minute time limit on the cardio equipment

All members must wear clothing and footwear that is appropriate for working out. This means that you cannot wear sandals, other casual shoes, or work shoes. Dress in clothing that keeps you comfortable and cool and allows you to move. We recommend appropriate athletic cross- training shoes so members can access all areas of the club. We also recommend t-shirts, shorts, workout tights, and sweatpants. Check out the awesome brand name fitness apparel at each Club16 Trevor Linden location.

All you need to bring is your membership card, a lock for your valuables, water, and a towel. You can buy a club water bottle and lock at the facility if you like. Toiletries like shampoo and shower towels are not provided, so bring those too if you need them.

As a member, you are given the freedom to choose which day of the week your bi-weekly dues are billed on. It must be a minimum of 3 days from the start of your membership.

Yes, if you want you can pay a minimum of 12 months of bi-weekly payments dues paid in full. If you do this, after you complete the term you paid for you will be month to month member paying bi weekly unless you follow the cancellation policy before your upfront paid term has ended.

As much faith as we have in our services, we also provide you an extremely easy way to cancel. Just provide a Notice of Cancellation prior to 30 days of your next billing date. Your notice must show evidence of the date you cancelled; this means you can use electronic mail, registered mail, or you can tell someone in person at your facility—just get the cancellation receipt. Before we can finalize your cancellation, we must receive all monies owed.

No. Our direct debit bi-weekly dues system is what ensures accuracy, efficiency and security for our members.

No. The direct debit date for all members cannot be changed.


We offer Value Priced Memberships. This means that for as long as your initial membership duration, you are guaranteed your joining rate. After that term is over, your price may change—but it will always be priced for value.

Want a little more security? If you want to keep your original bi-weekly dues rate, you can purchase our Price For Life Plan for $20.00 when you join. The Price For Life Plan guarantees your bi-weekly dues will stay the same as long as you remain in good standing.

Yes, you will be issued an individualized membership card. Showing your card to the front desk each time you visit allows us to offer our members the best security and services possible. If you lose your card, you must purchase a replacement for $20.00 to visit any facility.

Absolutely. We welcome you to do a drop-in session at whichever location is convenient for only $10.00 including tax. We’ll apply that single $10.00 to your membership fees if you join the club within seven days after you drop-in. This is an in-person credit that can only be applied to club memberships, not to online memberships.

Club16 also offers limited time trial campaigns periodically via social media, so follow us today!

Our team of experts is in place to give all members advice about nutrition and eating. At Club16, our philosophy on achieving weight loss, health, and total fitness goals is holistic. We know you need to both exercise regularly and eat right. Club16 Fitness and Nutrition Representatives can answer your questions at our facilities.
Call your local Club16 location for a complimentary consultation.

The Club16 Elite Plus Membership allows members to use all Club16 and She’s FIT! (female only) locations including the Downtown Club16 facility.

With the Elite Plus plan, you can get a lot more than convenience:

  • Unlimited tanning
  • 25% off certain retail (excluding clothing)
  • Out-of-town guest privileges that let you bring your guest to work out with you for free;
  • Membership to the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), letting you access fitness facilities out-of-town at a discount
  • HydroMassage beds (at applicable locations)

Contact an associate about upgrading to the Elite Plus membership plan at your Club16 facility.


Yes! Your safety is a top priority for us. We look for proper lighting and easily accessible parking for members, and we also provide video monitoring in the facility. Each location is staffed by well-trained, highly skilled professionals who have club safety within their mandate.