Membership Policies

Membership Card & Check In

All members will have their picture taken for identification purposes. You then must produce your membership card upon every visit to the club and sign in. You may not allow anyone to use your membership card to gain entry to the club at risk of your card being confiscated and a fee imposed to redeem it. Membership cards remain the property of the club at all times. All members must agree to return their membership card to the Club at the end of their membership. A $20.00 fee & applicable tax will be charged for each replacement card required (lost or stolen). A membership card must be purchased to gain entry into the Club.

Guest Privileges

If you are an “Elite” member you may bring a guest who lives further then 30 km from the facility at no charge. The guest must provide identification showing their residential address plus complete and sign the club’s standard waiver. The same guest may use the Club for up to 7 consecutive days. All other guests must pay the drop in fee ($20.00) for a day visit (unless using a guest pass where an appointment has been booked with a representative of the club.)

Price For Life

All members may insure that their bi-weekly dues remain the same by paying a one-time fee at the time of joining.


  • A towel is recommended on the club floor at all times, always clean the piece of equipment after use.
  • Appropriate sport clothing and footwear is required within the facility at all times. Acceptable attire includes: clean athletic footwear, athletic shorts, t-shirts, jogging outfits & sweat suits. Non-acceptable attire includes street clothes and jeans, ragged cut off shirts (neck or arms), no shirt, hoodies worn over head, open toed shoes or sandals. Bare Feet are not acceptable anywhere in the club besides shower areas.
  • All fitness equipment has a place, after use please return to that appropriate space, re-rack and put away all weights (plates, bars & dumbbells).
  • Do not drop the dumbbells on the floor under any circumstances. Abuse of this policy will have your membership suspended (please note that dumbbells only go to 90 lbs. and it is the policy of the club that there will be nothing heavier than this weight).
  • Inappropriate, foul and/or lewd language or behavior is not acceptable and will result in suspension of your membership.
  • Inappropriate language, remarks or treatment towards a Club 16 staff member will not be tolerated and will result in suspension of membership.
  • Gym bags are not allowed on the fitness/exercise floor for any reason.
  • No chalk allowed on the fitness/exercise floor under any circumstances.
  • The Club may publish and amend policies and regulations for the facilities, or modify its fees for membership, from time to time.
  • Treadmills are always to be turned off before dismounting the treadmill, never leave a treadmill running when not on it.
  • If you do not know how to use a piece of equipment on the exercise floor please ask for assistance.

Membership Termination

We may terminate your Membership (if applicable) and may refuse you entry into a club or eject you from a club if you commit a serious or repeated breach of these rules or your membership contract (if applicable) or if you engage in any other serious misconduct.