Member Testimonial | Julie B

Member Testimonial

Julie B

Julie, who is a member of our Maple Ridge location is excited to share her testimonial! Scroll down to see photos of her transformation!


Why did you decide to start your nutrition and/or fitness program?

In 2001 I had my first child – I spent probably 4 years of my life feeling sad. In 2001 I was diagnosed with chronic depression/anxiety. I decided to join the local gym and started on weight watchers.


What inspired you to stay on course and achieve the results you have?

I was inspired by many people in the fitness industry. I was focused on getting well mentally as I had a son to raise. In Winter of 2005 I was pregnant again, which was awesome. I maintained my weight through pregnancy only gaining 20 pounds. 2006 she was born!


Tell us about the physical changes you have experienced (clothing size, weight, body fat percentage, health indicators, etc.):

I went from a size 16 to a size 10 but then I decided to build muscle and in 2013 I decided to try my hand ay body building. My first show was November in Sandra Wickman Fall Classic. I lost body fat mostly from my diet but maintained the bulk of my muscle. In 2015 I maintained post show but decided to compete in Popeye’s Fall Classic in November 2015. Both of these shows I failed to place, for several reasons of course. Stubborn body, old body? Wrong type of diet? Inexperienced coaches? But my will was strong. I was determined to compete the following year of 2016 in Kelowna. So I had just competed in 2015 in November then started dieting again in January 2016 – not a lot of time for a body to recover!!

Only 3 months then back to hard dieting! It took a toll on my body for sure. After the May 2016 show in Kelowna, I failed to place again and my body went into full blown depression again. Sort of like after my first born son. I wanted to die everyday. It was truly horrible and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. I decided then on many things. New coach, new meds, counselling for past trauma, new attitude, new category!

I wiped my hands clean of bikini and decided to try figure! I had a dream my lats grew. Had a prophesy at church – when I was thinking never mind I’m done. God spoke to me, he said you are not done yet. So this past year in January – despite many personal issues, I put all my time and focus into prepping for figure and would enter Kelowna Classic 2017. I placed top 3 in both my classes! So thankful! I am now going to compete in BC CUP in 2018!


Do you feel different? (More energy, happier, sleep better, etc.)?

I use to have insomnia – none now! Energy is crazy, mood is mostly stable. I run a GNC in Haney Mall since 2010 with 2 active kids (15 & 11), married for 18 years.

I am stable, focused, unwavering, and logical!

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