June 2021 Newsletter

Client Spotlight – Rohith Reddy

Rohith joined Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness at the end of 2020. After a tough year dealing with Covid and suffering from depression, Rohith decided not only to start focusing on his fitness by joining Club16 but also started immediately with a trainer. Rohith was underweight, had never done strength training or even done any fitness related activity. Even his job as a software engineer was sedentary. Sometime in 2020, he started feeling very depressed after he lost his first job due to Covid. This became worse after he quit his second job due to personal reasons. “My diet was ridiculous”, according to him. He barely ate food, and he used to drink 7-8 coffees a day. All these affected my mental health and I was mentally and physically exhausted, and I had constant irrational thoughts. In 2021 he wanted to improve his mental and physical health and then joined Club 16.

He told his trainer due to a bad relationship in the past and an unhealthy lifestyle (he was a heavy smoker) he decided to change his life. He got started working with Mohammad Amani, Personal trainer, at Club16 Brentwood 3 times a week immediately. Upon his first assessment, after scanning his body composition, they realized that he was underweight by over 20lbs. Mohammad quickly changed his nutrition, increased his calories and started him on a strength training regime. He even convinced Rohith to stop smoking!

Since then Rohith has gained a healthy 30lbs (114lbs to 144lbs) so far. He’s consistently trained with Mohammad for 5 months continuously 3 times a week without fail and works out 2-3 times on his own. He no longer feels the effects of his depression and does not even come close to a cigarette again. Rohith has made friends with all the staff and members of the gym. He is universally respected by everyone for his determination and success.

The following is Rohith’s words to describe his experience. “No words can describe how grateful I am to my Personal Trainer Mohammad. More than a physical Trainer, he has been my best friend for the last 5 months. He has designed the best diet program and the best workout schedule.

I can really say this from the bottom of my heart. Mohammad changed me mentally and physically. I feel very confident and I am mentally very happy with what I have accomplished so far”

Rohith’s favourite workout day is leg day. His most recent workout consisted of the following:

Barbell Squat

95lbs x 12 reps

135lbs x 8 reps

185lbs x 5 reps

225lbs 3 reps


Leg press

4 sets of 20 reps @ 160lbs

Romanian deadlift

4 sets of 12 reps @80lbs

Leg extension

4 sets 12 reps @ 100lbs

Thank You British Columbia! 

It has officially been a year since Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness and She’s FIT reopened! This past year has challenged us with uncertainty and many difficult changes. We want to give a special thank you to our Club16 and She’s FIT Team, essential workers, and everyone in British Columbia for your hard work and getting us to a place where we can see a brighter future. No matter the hardship, one thing is certain- We Are Stronger Together.



PBJ Smoothie


  • 2 cups Oatmeal
  • 1 Banana
  • 1.5 scoops Protein Isolate (Biosteel)
  • 1.5 tablespoons Peanut Butter
  • 2/3 cup Mixed Berries
  • 1 cup of cold water/almond milk with ice