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 Membership plans starting at $4 per week
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  11 convenient locations
  State-of-the-art cardio & strength equipment
  Unlimited Group Fitness classes
  Ladies only area

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Our members are the heart of our Clubs. Everybody is welcome at Club16 and She’s FIT, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, we are here to support you in creating your healthiest, happiest self.

Nurturing Your Mind and Body with a Quinoa Salad that Boosts Your Mood

For fitness enthusiasts over 40, the ultimate post-workout meal should prioritize nutrient-dense foods that aid in muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, replenish energy stores, and support overall health.

World Parkinson’s Day

Every year on April 11th, World Parkinson’s Day raises awareness for this progressive nervous system disorder. It’s also a day to help the general public understand the reality of this disease for those who have it.

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If you’re an aspiring or current personal trainer looking to elevate your career, we’re here to help. Our philosophy at PTA is centered around one key principle: your success is our success. Every choice we make, from course offerings to content development, is tailored to meet your needs.