Fitness Tips For January

Committing to a new gym routine can be challenging, but establishing habits and staying motivated can help you make it a consistent part of your lifestyle. Here are five tips to help you stay committed to your new gym.

6 Tips to Fix all Your Sleep Problems

Are you getting enough sleep? The National Sleep Foundation recommends a person should get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night for optimum health. In this hectic day and age, where time is money 40% of people actually get less than the recommended amount of sleep. Why is proper sleep necessary? Besides being a basic […]

Turn up the Volume: 5 Benefits of Listening to Workout Music

Imagine a world where we didn’t have music to motivate us through a workout. Music has the ability inspire and take us out of our physical comfort zone and achieve the fitness goals we never thought possible- all with a simple chord or harmony. Scientists have picked up on this phenomenon and invested serious time [...]

The best sneakers for every workout

It may have worked out for Cinderella, but one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to athletic footwear. There’s an ideal style and fit for every type of workout imaginable and it’s important to know the difference in order to get the most out of your workout- both for safety and efficiency’s […]