Personal Trainer Academy: Unlocking the Doors to Success

If you’re an aspiring or current personal trainer looking to elevate your career, we’re here to help. Our philosophy at PTA is centered around one key principle: your success is our success. Every choice we make, from course offerings to content development, is tailored to meet your needs.

Our founder, Chad Benson, boasts 25 years of fitness and performance experience. Check out Chad’s tips below for achieving your fitness career goals:

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    Industry-Relevant Skills: As a personal trainer, it is crucial to possess skills that set you apart from the rest. Your ability to showcase your unique skills in effectively serving clients can significantly impact your success in the fitness industry. The MovAcademy by PTA offers continuing education opportunities, and as a graduate, you can enjoy discounted rates through Club16 She’s FIT!! If you want to stay on trend in 2024, consider professional development in these areas:

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    Purposeful Practice: With the guidance of experienced and respected Club16 & She’s FIT! professionals, you can gain the confidence, ask questions, and purposefully grow into a complete fitness expert. Working under the tutelage of a supportive community can help you hone your skills and prepare for a successful career.

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    Service and Communication: Effective communication and engagement are crucial to your success as a personal trainer. Post-secondary institutions rarely prepare students for the art of engaging and motivating clients. Therefore, it is essential to develop these skills through practice and mentorship.

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    Opportunities for Growth and Learning: Professional development is an essential aspect of any career, and the fitness industry is no exception. An onboarding process and an organization that supports your growth can help you evolve your skills, increase career longevity, and maintain a competitive edge.

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    Amazing Teammates: Networking with experienced peers can be an invaluable learning opportunity for new trainers. Building relationships with other professionals in the industry can help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends, techniques, and technologies.

By incorporating these elements into your practice, you can unlock the door to success as a personal trainer and take your career to new heights.

If you’re passionate about building your career in personal training, then the Personal Trainer Academy (PTA) is the perfect place to start. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. At PTA, our personal trainer certification is designed to provide students with foundational training tools, industry-relevant skills, and career mentorship. This ensures an accelerated onboarding and success platform for our students.
  2. Through partnerships with community clubs like Club16/She’s FIT!, PTA has created a comprehensive employment, onboarding and growth opportunity for all their students.
  3. At PTA, we listen to our students’ feedback and adapt the course to keep it student-focused. Our students graduate with the CanFitPro certification. Their credential is the newest in industry; developed in 2022. The CanFitPro PTS certification is an industry mindful course developed by industry professionals.

We’re proud to say that we’ve partnered with Club16 & She’s FIT! to help many students start their career in the fitness industry, including:

Paras D, Club16 Newton

“Chad and the Personal Trainer Academy have my utmost gratitude for aiding me in starting my career as a Personal Trainer. Their communication, guidance, and training program are exceptional and enabled me to impress a Club 16 She’s FIT! fitness manager during my practical interview. I highly recommend the Academy to anyone interested in developing their skills in the fitness industry.”

Click Here to see the next Hybrid Personal Training Course through PT Academy! The courses are based on hybrid learning so partially online mixed with a few in person classes at our Richmond Club16!

Chad Benson, MSc, CSCS
President: PT Academy – personal trainer course- trainer certification courses
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Meet Chad Benson: CEO and Lead Instructor of MovBetter Personal Training Inc. and Chad’s 25 years of experience in the fitness and sport performance industry brings a wealth of knowledge to Club16. He received education at UVic and MUN, and worked as a sports conditioning specialist for high-performance organizations, including the Vancouver Canucks and National Woman’s Basketball team. Chad is also a CanFitPro PTS author, ProTrainer, keynote speaker, and a sponsored fitness presenter. He has designed many functional fitness, assessment, and fitness franchise educational platforms. FUN FACT:Chad and the team at Twist Conditioning trained Trevor Linden in the early 2000s!

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