We all know the importance of physical exercise- from preventing noncommunicable diseases, maintaining a healthy body weight, the list goes on and the benefits are endless.

But keeping active and moving our bodies goes beyond this. Regular exercise has a profound positive impact on mental health. It can help bring upon mental clarity, relieve stress, improve sleep and boost our overall mood. We all know that incredible calm feeling in our mind and body after a great workout.

We are passionate about playing a part in the physical and mental health of our communities, and that’s why Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness is so excited to announce our partnership with Move For Your Mental Health 2022, a campaign presented by the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation.

“The values of this campaign and organization are aligned with Club16’s mission. The root of who we are is helping people create their best life and become their healthiest and happiest self, and movement plays such a vital role in the state of our mental health”- Chuck Lawson, President of Club16 and She’s FIT

What is Move For Your Mental Health?

Move For Your Mental Health is a call-to-action for Canadian men and their families to prioritize an active lifestyle by starting to include movement into our daily lives in the month of June and beyond. Learn more and take part in the free virtual events here.

What can you expect in the month of June?

We will be participating in #Move4YourMentalHealth with a series of workouts each week for #FITFriday, all available on our YouTube channel. These are perfect workouts for everybody, especially if you are getting back into the swing of things. See a sneak peak below…

Week 1 – Getting Your Fitness Back on Track

Week 2 – Encourage and Motivate Each Other

Week 3 – The Perfect Workout With Your Kids

Week 4 – Low Impact Full Body Workout

Setting up for Success

We want to help set you up for success in the month of June and moving forward. If you are a beginner, or thinking about getting back into a fitness routine, here are some tips that can help you along the way:

  • Start with small goals: a short 10 minute walk or 20 minutes in the gym, start off with achievable goals that can easily fit into your schedule
  • Workout with a friend: exercise can be a lot more fun and motivating when you have a partner. Having someone to workout with can also help to boost your mood and confidence when you have someone you know and trust around
  • Be comfortable: wear something that makes you feel comfortable, the last thing you want is to have your main focus be how uncomfortable or itchy your outfit is. Pick something easy that won’t be a distraction
  • Celebrate all your victories: completing your first workout, adding an extra set, these are the moments to get excited about!

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