How Dependable Health Clubs in Coquitlam, BC Can Help Middle-aged People Stay Fit and Healthy


With a busy schedule, children to feed, and a job that requires constant sitting behind a desk, growing older can make it difficult to keep a lean body. Even though your body naturally goes through changes in middle age, there are ways you can fight the onset of weight gain when you hit your 40s.

As you get older, your body transforms brown fat into white fat more frequently. Infants are packed with brown fat, which is considered the “good fat,” to keep them warm; this almost always disappears by adulthood. Brown fat is used to generate heat, and white fat stores energy – but too much of white fat can lead to obesity.

Lecia Bushak of recently reported that middle-aged individuals have a more difficult time staying in shape. Since the human body undergoes natural changes as people get older, weight gain becomes inevitable, especially in this age where many Americans tend to neglect exercise and eating on time. We can classify fat into two categories: brown fat, which stores energy in more compact spaces, leading our bodies to burn it more effectively, and white fat, which does the opposite, and too much of it is the main cause of obesity.

An excessive amount of white fat puts people at a higher risk for developing metabolic diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. The community of Coquitlam, BC has a strong commitment to fight against these conditions as they launched the BC Generations Project back in 2009 to explore how genetics and other factors contribute to disease risk. For this reason, residents can sign up for membership at dependable health clubs in Coquitlam, BC to keep themselves fit and healthy.

The responsibility that falls on the shoulders of middle-aged individuals makes them prone to stress eating, which makes them consume more calories than they actually need. They should fight this urge by focusing on exercise and adopting healthy eating habits because developing these will generate more energy for the body, making people less prone to overeating. Fortunately, there are reputable gyms in Coquitlam like Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness that encourage members to lose body fat while increasing lean muscle tone through proper exercise and nutrition programs.

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