New Exciting Upgrades To She’s FIT Fleetwood, Metrotown and North Delta!

We’re excited to share our She’s FIT Fleetwood, North Delta and Metrotown locations will be upgraded with new equipment! You can look forward to seeing,

  • Assault Air Bikes: the assault air bike uses air resistance, the harder you work, the greater the resistance 
  • Torque Functional Training and Storage System: includes battle ropes, resistance bands, medicine balls, kettle bells, and more!
  • Woodway Curve Treadmills: challenging the entire body, this is a completely manual treadmill on a unique curved running service where you are the motor
  • Max Trainers: a full body sprint machine that delivers high-intensity cardio with HIIT style workouts to elevate your fitness routine


And last but not least,

  • The brand new Hoist Club Line – no more noisy weight stacks, fewer friction points and a smooth, quiet function. Additionnally, the Slide Select System has a solitary weight system allowing for adjustment in 5 lbs increments on the two hundred and three hundred pound systems