Female-Friendly Health Clubs in Surrey Can Help Women Have Healthier Offspring

Healthy weight and glucose control is very important for women for their future offspring to receive long term health benefits. It’s crucial that their would-be sons and daughters don’t inherit the effects of a poor lifestyle. However, ScienceDaily reports that a recent study from the University of Cincinnati has posited that the ways through which ideal weight and glucose levels are achieved may also play heavily into the situation. Weight loss through surgery, for example, can have a significant impact on the health of a woman’s future children.

Maternal obesity and diabetes have adverse effects on both mother and child. While surgery is an option to maintain a healthy weight and keep these issues at bay, there is no evidence that it will have a positive effect on an infant’s health. This means that weight loss achieved through natural means, such as exercising in local health clubs in Surrey, may still be the better way to go.

Bernadette Grayson, PhD, the lead researcher in the project, says that bariatric surgical procedures such as vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) will definitely improve the mother’s health. However, their experiment showed that this does not necessarily carry over to her offspring’s metabolic health.

How Women Achieve Healthier Weight Poster

For instance, having VSG prior to childbirth can pose additional growth problems for the child. The researchers speculate that the change in hormonal levels during weight-loss surgery may be hindering the growth of the offspring. Although they haven’t ruled out other reasons for children to be born smaller than normal, the possibility that it might be caused by the hormonal changes experienced by a weight-loss surgery patient is something that they would like to study further.

Non-VSG weight-loss surgeries have yet to be tested by the researchers for their efficacy in improving the offspring’s health. For now, the safest way to ensure the health of both mother and child is through proper diet and exercise. Local gyms in Surrey like Trevor Linden’s Club 16 fitness facility have many exercise programs that cater to the specific needs of women who need to stay fit for possible childbearing, as well as those who want to get back to their pre-pregnacy shapes.

Like other Club 16s in B.C., the Surrey fitness center has a She’s Fit! Club, a “club within a club” that allows women to work out on their own time and in their own way. Women are allotted a separate private entrance that will lead them right into the ladies’ locker rooms, showers, changing booths, and a separate exercise area. With the She’s Fit! program, Club 16 is fully committed to women’s fitness.