A Health Club in South Burnaby Can Help People Fight Obesity

Being on the heavy side is not a good sign when you’re living north of the 49th, a new study by the Simon Fraser University (SFU) claims. As reported by the Vancouver Sun’s Jessica Barrett, the findings showed that obese people took less effort to stay warm amidst Canada’s cool weather; on the other hand, leaner people burned more calories as the temperature went down. A group of obese test subjects were found to have lower body temperatures and such conditions complicate any weight-loss programs.

Even residents of South Burnaby, BC may be having problems trying to shed off unwanted kilos amidst the cold. The seat of the Greater Vancouver Regional District already has a raft of obesity therapists ready to serve clients, but even their counseling can only go so far in motivating the latter to make the effort. At a time when obesity is recognized as a trigger for other non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, a health club in South Burnaby like Club 16 can help you buckle down to lose the weight, starting with eating right.

When you are ready to make the commitment to rebuild your body through proper eating, a consultant at your health club will first evaluate your overall condition, including weight, eating habits and daily activities. Every weight-loss program also needs to take note of clients’ long-term goals and their level of commitment if it is to have any success.

The data gathered during the consultation will help the health club consultant assigned to you craft a special blueprint that details your overall weight-loss plan over the course of one year. Your food preferences and weight will even help the health specialist form a shopping list of food items you must consume to help your body adjust towards leaner conditions; these will form the basis of some recipes you can make at home. As per the SFU study’s findings, this will enable you to burn more calories when taking a stroll during gloomy weather.

Reputable gyms in Burnaby like Club16 are capable of linking your weight-loss program with a strenuous exercise routine. The center will have arrays of fitness equipment with variable settings. If you come in on foot and use the stairs, you would already have had a modest calorie burn, which can be increased during training. SFU researcher Andrew McMillan said the calorie burn and the generation of more body heat during the cold was more evident among thinner subjects’ shivering and heavy breathing.

The study notes that obese people respond slower to temperature changes. A healthy eating plan designed by a trusted nutrition consultant can increase that response and revitalize the body.