How Regular Exercise at a Reputable Downtown Vancouver Health Club Can Help You Fight Bone Loss

A study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism showed that physical activity can help mitigate bone loss in premenopausal women. As reported by Joshua Wortman in, researchers asked 58 randomly selected premenopausal women to engage in an eight-week physical training course, and asked another group of 62 premenopausal women not to engage in physical activity for the same period. After the test, the women who completed the training course were found to have less of the bone-inhibitor sclerostin, and higher levels of IGF-1, a growth factor which helps in bone production.

Downtown Vancouver Health ClubThis study clearly demonstrates one of the positive effects of exercise and physical activity. Exercise is best done in a convenient location where you can feel relaxed, such as your home or a park. Another ideal place for exercising is an accessible downtown Vancouver health club, where you can work with professional trainers and the right exercise machines, as well as interact with other people with the same fitness goals.

Premenopause, or the stage in a woman’s life before menopause, typically starts when a woman hits her 40s, although it may be earlier for some. At this stage, women are encouraged to observe the right diet and take vitamins or supplements to offset bone loss which may happen by the time they hit menopause. Uncontrolled bone loss may lead to degenerative bone diseases such as osteoporosis, and can also cause bones to fracture easily.

The study reported by Mr. Wortman gives women another means of defense against bone loss. With the decrease in the body’s production of sclerostin, and the increase in the production of IGF-1 through physical activity, women can reduce the risks of low bone mass and osteoporosis. Physical activity can also be fun and simple, making it an ideal mitigating measure against bone loss.

Women of all ages are thus encouraged to engage in physical activities. Membership at a fully equipped gym in downtown Vancouver can give you a range of activities to choose from, such as cardiovascular exercises and group trainings. The Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness center even offers bike rentals for those who choose biking as their physical activity.

In addition to strengthening the bones, exercise and physical activity have many other known health benefits as well. For instance, you can look good and feel better about yourself, thereby gaining more confidence. With accessible gyms and health clubs, getting into an active lifestyle is easy and convenient.