Bulking up for That Hottie Look at a Downtown Vancouver Health Club

When you’re playing a buffed villain in a major movie, toning up for that role is just as challenging as going before the camera. Just ask South African actor Josh Blacker, who plays a mercenary in the sci-fi movie Elysium, taking on lead actor Matt Damon. Varun Swaathi of the Men’s XP blog reported that Blacker enlisted his own brother, a personal trainer by trade, to help him build up his body as envisioned by director Neill Blomkamp.

Preparing for strenuous activity is part and parcel of keeping fit, whether or not any cameras are rolling. Vancouver, BC, where some of Elysium’s scenes were shot, hosts vast recreational parks that open opportunities for various outdoor activities. Outdoor sports do make you sweat over long distances, but a controlled setting at a reputable Downtown Vancouver health club like Club 16 offers additional advantages if you intend to make your frame resemble something like Blacker’s.

When sitting down with a trainer for designing your program, you must map out your goals and highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Blacker’s “Athletic Powerbuilding Workout” was a three-stage plan carried out over three months. He noted that this required a more intense level to get the additional 20 pounds of muscle needed for the role, and his five years of constant gym training helped him adjust.

The workout will often integrate a diet plan as designed by your trainer or in-house nutritionist; this can detail the various food items essential for better results. Muscle mass buildup requires consuming proteins from lean meat. However, this became an issue for Blacker– as he has been a vegan for the past 20 years; his diet plan later included cooking a special vegetable stir-fry for dinner and drinking two extra protein shakes (before workout and before sleeping).

Specialists at a gym in Downtown Vancouver like Club 16 can advise you on proper muscle maintenance and conditioning during the more brutal stages of the training. Blacker said that the last three weeks of his program involved shifting levels of carb intake during weightlifting and cardio sessions.

You can never go wrong with a trusted, state-of-the-art gym that helps you achieve your goals in building a healthier, leaner body, whether or not you’re an actor preparing for a tough role. Blacker was satisfied with the program; he started at 165 pounds with 13% body fat and ended up at 181lbs and nine percent body fat.