8 Common Mistakes People Make At The Gym

1. Not warming up

Unless you want to risk pulling a muscle, you definitely should not skip your warm-up. It’s common to skip a warm-up due to being pressed for time, or wanting to get right into the workout. Try to plan ahead, giving yourself enough time at the gym so that you are not rushed. If your gym is walking distance, a great warm-up is to speed walk to the gym instead of driving or taking transit. In general, a brisk speed walk, even on a treadmill at the gym, is a good warm-up for your muscles.

2. Arriving unfocused

Many of us often arrive at the gym tired or frenzied, rather than focused on achieving an intense workout. If you’re distracted, fatigued or stressed, tell yourself that for one hour you will be extremely focused on your workout. Reconvene mulling over personal issues afterwards. To avoid feeling fatigued at the gym, try drinking an organic green juice for energy and vitality before your workout, or drink a pre-workout energy drink.

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