Bottom of legs and purple shoes running on treadmill

8 perfect gifts for the fitness lover in your life

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to find that perfect holiday gift for the fitness lover in your life. Luckily for you, we’ve already done the research. We’ve rounded up the best gift ideas for the person who loves to be fit and active. And hey, if that person happens to be you, why not get yourself an early holiday gift? Read on to discover our favourites!

Fitbit Zip

4 different fitbits in different colours

Tracking your fitness has never been easier than with the Fitbit Zip, a tiny device that monitors all of your physical activity, including the number of steps you take and calories burned. Flip your Zip display to view your activity stats and get a kick out of watching the Zip’s smiley face grow as you boost your physical activity levels throughout the day. The Fitbit Zip is a great gift for anyone just starting out on their fitness journey and needing a little motivation to get started.

Contigo Kangaroo Water Bottle

Blue Water bottle

Now, don’t be fooled- the Contigo Kangaroo water bottle make look like your typical water bottle, but in reality, it is so much more than that. This leak-proof contraption is also able to hold your keys, money and ID in its front pocket pouch! Talk about convenience. Now you’ll know exactly where your valuables are when working up at a sweat at your next gym session.

Banyon and Bo Ultra-Dri Hot Yoga Mat

orange yoga mat

The yogi in your life will adore this two-in-one gift from you this holiday season. This stylish mat also acts a towel, making lugging an extra towel to your yoga session a thing of the past.
The mat absorbs moisture twice as fast as a regular towel and keeps you stable and balanced throughout your workout, thanks to microfiber cover that provides extra traction when temperatures soar. The mat is compatible with all styles of yoga and is especially great for hot yoga!

Wii Fit

Image of Wiifit product

Who wouldn’t love this gift? Combining fun and fitness, the Wii Fit has 40 different activities for a player to try out at home, from boxing to yoga. Players can keep tabs on their progress through their online profile, which monitors a player’s exercise time and BMI index, and keeps track of personal fitness goals. Wii Fit can be played solo or in a group, so you never have an excuse to not get your fitness on!

Nayoya Acupressure Mat

red and white accupressure mat

This budget-friendly mat is the perfect gift to give the person who always goes all out at the gym. Ideal for a post-workout wind down, the mat features over 6,000 acupressure points that helps improve the body’s circulatory and digestive systems, as well reduce sore joints and muscles. Your friend will thank you for it!

Oster Myblend Blender

blender with fruit and ice inside

For the person who religiously drinks a smoothie before and after a workout, the Oster Myblend is the ultimate in workout convenience. Blend your ingredients directly into the sports bottle, close the lid, and go! Workout prep has never been this easy.

Silva Training Speed Elite

Black Silva Headlamp Flashlight

This compact lamp comes with two high power LEDs and a rechargeable battery that can easily be attached to a headband or belt. The light is mounted onto a helmet or handlebar and ensures you’re seen when out running, cycling or even skiing. This versatile gift is ideal in the winter months when visibility is low and safety is key.

Sol Republic Relays Headphones

Sol Headphones in Assorted Colours

Finally, headphones that are stylish and practical. Lightweight, comfortable and sweat resistant, these modern headphones promise to stay in place during your workout, no matter how strenuous the activity. Relays have also been praised for their fantastic sound quality and strong design factor, ensuring a seamless workout experience. The Sol Republic Relays are your best bet for high quality fitness headphones.