The 5 body positive Instagram influencers to inspire you today

Scroll down your Instagram feed right now and you'll be quick to find curated profiles of exotic travel destinations and the perfect bikini body, #fitspo hashtag attached. While looking at all of these images of seemingly perfect bodies and lives may seem like harmless fun, studies have shown that Instagram can actually make you feel [...]

The best sneakers for every workout

It may have worked out for Cinderella, but one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to athletic footwear. There’s an ideal style and fit for every type of workout imaginable and it’s important to know the difference in order to get the most out of your workout- both for safety and efficiency’s […]

The 7 best fitness apps on the market today

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5 Fitness Races To Challenge You This Summer

Summer is here but that doesn’t mean your workout routine has to fall to the way side. It’s easy to dismiss hitting the gym with the beautiful weather outside, so why not combine your two interests? Vancouver and the surrounding area has dozens of fun, outdoor races to challenge you this summer. These races will [...]

Work Out Like A Soldier

Soldiers serving in the military need to achieve an amazing level of fitness to do everything they are tasked with, especially in combat operations. While still in training and long afterwards in active duty, soldiers ruck backpacks that weigh as much as 100 kilograms for 40 kilometers a day—and sometimes they carry more even further. [...]

8 perfect gifts for the fitness lover in your life

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5 Fitness Gadgets That Will Help Boost Your Fitness

It’s time to amp up your fitness game! Fitness gadgets are a great way to take your workout to the next level by enhancing your overall workout experience. Whether you work out in a gym or prefer to train on your own, our list below features useful fitness gadgets for every type of athlete. 1. For […]

8 Common Mistakes People Make At The Gym

1. Not warming up

Unless you want to risk pulling a muscle, you definitely should not skip your warm-up. It’s common to skip a warm-up due to being pressed for time, or wanting to get right into the workout. Try to plan ahead, giving yourself enough time at the gym so that you are not rushed. If your gym is walking distance, a great warm-up is to speed walk to the gym instead of driving or taking transit. In general, a brisk speed walk, even on a treadmill at the gym, is a good warm-up for your muscles.

2. Arriving unfocused

Many of us often arrive at the gym tired or frenzied, rather than focused on achieving an intense workout. If you’re distracted, fatigued or stressed, tell yourself that for one hour you will be extremely focused on your workout. Reconvene mulling over personal issues afterwards. To avoid feeling fatigued at the gym, try drinking an organic green juice for energy and vitality before your workout, or drink a pre-workout energy drink.