November 2017 Newsletter

In this months newsletter, we go through the weight training do’s & dont’s; whether you’re a beginner or your familiar with it! Also, some healthy carbs that you can try; even if you’re tracking your macros! Check it all out here!

The 5 body positive Instagram influencers to inspire you today

Scroll down your Instagram feed right now and you'll be quick to find curated profiles of exotic travel destinations and the perfect bikini body, #fitspo hashtag attached. While looking at all of these images of seemingly perfect bodies and lives may seem like harmless fun, studies have shown that Instagram can actually make you feel [...]

August 2017 Newsletter

In this months newsletter, find 6 tips to get you back into a fitness routine! Plus, an article all about protein! Included is a perfect summer beach day salad to take to your next picnic!