The 7 best fitness apps on the market today

Visit any iOS or android app store today and you’ll be quick to find hundreds of fitness apps available to download. These days, new workout tips and tricks are available by the dozen, and it’s never been easier to find workout inspiration online. While there may be many great options out there, it can also [...]

5 Fitness Races To Challenge You This Summer

Summer is here but that doesn’t mean your workout routine has to fall to the way side. It’s easy to dismiss hitting the gym with the beautiful weather outside, so why not combine your two interests? Vancouver and the surrounding area has dozens of fun, outdoor races to challenge you this summer. These races will [...]

Get Fit For Summer Weight Loss Challenge

12 WEEKS TO A BETTER BODY! Enrol in 36 Personal Training Sessions to register. Challenge Begins APRIL 1, 2016. THE CHALLENGE WINNER CAN CHOOSE ONE OF THESE PRIZES: One-on-one or small-group personal training options available. Weekly assessments will take place to ensure results and progress. HURRY, register between April 1-30, 2016. Your 12 weeks begin the day you [...]

Work Out Like A Soldier

Soldiers serving in the military need to achieve an amazing level of fitness to do everything they are tasked with, especially in combat operations. While still in training and long afterwards in active duty, soldiers ruck backpacks that weigh as much as 100 kilograms for 40 kilometers a day—and sometimes they carry more even further. [...]